Universal Studios Hollywood Creates World's Largest 3D King Kong Attraction Using Screen Goo

Ultra Silver 3D

There are quite a few projects where we cannot discuss as far as Screen Goo being used at. Projects done by large systems integrators working for Universal Studios, Walt Disney, etc. etc. are some of these projects where details are kept under cover so that these companies protect their intellectual properties and know-how. Now that others, such as Sound & Communications magazine, reveal this information to the public, we can tag along and plug ourselves into this stream of news.

Screen Goo is being used at some of the world's largest 3D projects - several properties make Screen Goo attractive for applications such as these - The ability to make any screen shape or size is one of them. The fact that most 3D screens on the market today are fragile - some of them to the touch! - is another amongst many.

So, when Universal Studios, Hollywood, California wanted to re-create the popular King Kong exhibit which was destroyed due to a fire on their back lot during Spring of 2008, it was decided not to build a new Kong animatronic but, rather, to update the popular attraction by replacing it with King Kong 360 3D, an immersive multimedia experience utilizing the latest technologies including two giant Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D screens at its core.

The King Kong 360 3D park opened on July 1, 2010 and features a gigantic 3D projection system with two 187-foot-wide by 40-foot-high Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D screens within a football-field-sized soundstage.