About Us

Our philosophy is to provide a competitive advantage to our clients through excellence in services to provide the latest technology products while significantly reducing their overall costs

Core8 is an international technology developer and integrator, specialising in the field of intelligent in information display system in extreme and robust environment.

Core8 also has an extended access to military and industrial design and manufacture to cater for commercial, education (Government), public transport (Government) and military (Government) use.

We are able to achieve these results by working with your company to analyse your specific requirements to meet your needs. Whether it is an adaptation of a system we have previously developed or if you require something that is different to what's out there in the market, Core8 can, as technology developers and integrators, develop and deliver a complete functional solution for you.

Our core technologies are based on modular hardware manufacturing and adaptive system solution,artificially intelligent software systems, with strong focus being given to scalability and operate cost-effectiveness.

Our technology cover the latest IT technology, Satellite telecommunications and Digital Signage needs for commercial, industrial and military needs. We manage to ensuring streamlined solutions from one center point. To date, Core8 has conducted managed aggregated services for:

  • Outdoor Information Kiosk/Displays

  • Passenger Media and Information Displays

  • Web Content Management System

  • Remote Public Display Announcements

  • 4G, GPRS and satellite telecommunications

  • Intelligent Transport Media Display

  • Intelligent Digital Media distribution 

  • As well as technologies in several other areas


Since full deregulation, Core8 has captured a record portion of market share to provide satellite telecommunication and digital display solution through out Asia.

Core8 has made a commitment to businesses and consumers to deliver unsurpassed quality and service in integration services and products.  

Core8 first began operating in Australia following its acquisition of Australian distribution ship through many strategic alliances through out Taiwan. Core8  Australia in 2001 was formed by a group of highly successful senior MCI executives who committed themselves to establishing a major global solution provider in integration in solutions offering such as long distance and international, voice, data, Internet, private networks and value added services.

Core8 has been growing solidly every year and is now one of the leading telecommunications network integrators in the world.

In Asia Pacific, Core8 serves more than;


  • 19 major service providers

  • 79 Enterprise Customers                                               

  • ​2 National Postal Authorities

  • 6 Government Agencies

  • More than 8 Telecommunication carriers

  • More than 500 thousand corporate, small to medium sized businesses, residential and telecommunications carrier customers outsource technology services from Core8 world wide.

In a highly competitive market, Core8 groups has fast hold its reputation for excellence in the Telecommunication marketplace.

Core8 has plans to further increase its Australasia workforce by few hundred per cent over the years to come and is investing several million dollars into the market by the end of 2013.