BMW Launches Series 5 with Screen Goo Rear Projection

Rear Projection 

Goo Central of Singapore recently pioneered a new application technique for Screen Goo Rear Projection, creating striking visuals for BMW's Singapore launch of their new 5 Series automobiles.

"This application is unique in that the System Integrator (SI) took a risk and used our rear projection coating for a front projection application. Contrary to using a tinted surface required to achieve a higher contrast rear projection project, he used a clear piece of acrylic, applied our rear projection coating on the front and stuck a 70% light transmissive film on the back; leaving a clear border all round. This gives the illusion of a floating image. More importantly, the ‘suspended’ image is seen on both sides – his prime objective. He finished it off by framing the acrylic in polished aluminium to not only complete the look but weigh it down. The result – a stunning and classy installation, befitting of the BMW brand" said Anne Chiang of Goo Central.