Dolphin Tales, a Live Entertainment Project for Georgia Aquarium uses Screen Goo on 80-foot wide by 40-feet tall Aluminum Structures

An inspiring theatrical production starring Atlantic bottle nose dolphins is thrilling and amazing visitors at the newly-expanded Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Electrosonic played a major role designing, supplying and installing all the audio and video equipment the show required.  In addition, the Design Consulting team at Electrosonic took on the production’s complex AV and show control systems design.

Electrosonic’s work supported Clermont, Florida-based entertainment design and production company WOW! Works which crafted AT&T Dolphin Tales, a sweeping 25-minute musical tribute to the beauty and grace of dolphins.  The indoor show is staged in the new multi-function auditorium that seats 1,800 people and houses1.8 million gallons of water in four pools.  Five tall organic shapes evocative of upright dolphins ’tails rise above the performance pool. The tails are actually complex, curved aluminum structures that cover an area about 80-feet wide and 40-feet tall, and serve as innovative projection surfaces for video, graphics and lighting effects that create different moods and enhance the audience experience. Screen Goo, a specially formatted line of water proof acrylic paint designed for projection, was used to enhance the surface.

“The show needed to be a hybrid of show-controlled equipment and events, pre-recorded multi track audio and video playback with a layer of live performance mixed in,” says Electrosonic design consultant, Steve Coe.  “We wanted to meld a live theatrical show with dolphin behaviors and, at the same time, tap into the gamut of theatrical technology available, especially digitally-projected sets and back drops and a high-quality theatrical multi-channel audio system. ”The spectacular AT&T Dolphin Tales story is narrated by the Star Spinner, a mysterious seafaring adventurer who leads the way through an interactive journey across the oceans.  The timeless tale of good and evil is marked by exhilarating performances that highlight the strong emotional bond between humans and dolphins, and deliver a powerful message of the importance of caring for and about aquatic creatures.