Face Recognition

What is LFRC™?

Leading Face Recognition Services on Cloud

LFRC™ provides world-leading face-centered vision techs on cloud.

Comprehensive face techs are available as easy-to-use web APIs and mobile SDKs (Android/ iOS/ Win8).

Facial detection key points

Scenario 1: Smart User Identification (ID)

Face pinpoint key points including eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. Can be used for automatic facial beautification, real-time interaction and other expressions.


Safest and most convenient biometric ID for both Online and O2O scenarios!

Face detection & tracking

Face detection and tracking technology to provide fast, high-accuracy detection feature portraits. Able to support real-time video images and streams support a variety of facial gestures, and can deal with complex lighting conditions. Using real-time face detection and tracking technology, you can make a better camera application to capture the face region, optimize metering and focus. You can also use face tracking technology to interact with the game, providing new somatosensory gaming experience.


Technical Summary: · on mobile devices support real-time face tracking shot (20 frames / sec) * can be detected by measuring not less than 12x12 pixels · Face detection rate of more than 94% false detection rate of less than 2%.

Age, gender, ethnicity,expression,analysis 

Before the camera quickly analyze a user faces, discover their age, gender, facial expressions and other information to help your advertising, e-commerce, a variety of applications for precise personalization.

Smile Detection

Using Smile Detection technology, Smile capture every moment. Applications can be implemented in the camera "Smile Shutter", you can also interact with the device with a smile.


Technical Summary: Support video in real smile detection, and gives a smile, accuracy rate of over 95%.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition technology can automatically identify the photos, the video stream in the face identity. Through face recognition technology, can achieve VIP identification, photos automatically circle of people, face login and many other features. Face Recognition also includes clustering, which can automatically face of same person to come together for easy photo management.


Technical Summary:

Support for real-time video recognition · Support single identification (face verification), multiplayer Recognition (scale to support more than a thousand) · no more than 100 people in face recognition, the accuracy rate of more than 90%

Why face information is important?

Scenario 1: Smart User Identification (ID)

Security for

Verification for

Identification for 
Customized O2O 


Safest and most convenient biometric ID for both Online and O2O scenarios!


Why face information isimportant?

Scenario 2: Face Search on Cloud

Search New Friends on SNS based on “Look”

Search Dreamboats on Dating Website

Search Celebrities from Image/Video

Build a “Person-oriented Google” engine across different social networks.



More scenarios…

Search New Friends on SNS based on “Look”

Search Celebrities from Image/Video

Search Dreamboats on Dating Website

Build a “Person-oriented Google” engine across different social networks.


Techs: LFRC™ adopts the cutting-edge face recognition techs.

Learning with huge data

- Leverage millions of images and base on latest large-scale learning algorithms. 


Semantic analysis as high-level feature


- Exploit the semantic information to recognize/analyze faces, e.g. gender, age, race, emotion.


What does Core8 want to achieve? 

LFRC™ will follow the same cycle aiming at the leader of face service.

“Future is more beautiful.”

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New Human-object Interaction will be next evolution!

Visual Sensing enables the devices to See and Understand the world.