Recommended Substrtes


Front projection Screen Goo can be applied to any smooth paintable surface. Many materials other than the products listed below can be used successfully. For best results the surface should be flat and smooth. If this surface to be coated is not smooth, it should be sanded down and wiped off prior to applying the Screen Goo Reflective Coat. Porous surfaces such as drywall, gyproc, and wood based materials such as plywood, particle board, MDF, should be sealed with a flat, white latex primer prior to applying Screen Goo Reflective Coat. Colored surfaces should also be primed with a flat, white latex.

Try to avoid using Solvent-based or coated surfaces such as plastic, fiberglass etc. as they are not suitable for water-based acrylic coatings such as Screen Goo. If you have to use such Solvent-based or coated surfaces make sure you first seal the surface using a Urethane-based primer sealer such as XIM UMA -

Sintra Board - Sintra is an excellent material to apply Screen Goo front projection coatings to. It is very hard and durable and requires no priming prior to being "Goo'ed". It is, however, somewhat floppy and should be supported to ensure a flat viewing surface. We suggest choosing white and a minimum 6mm thickness.


Gatorfoam - Gatorfoam is another excellent choice for "Goo'ing". It is light weight and rigid enough to be self-supporting. It is, however, prone to denting and should probably not be used in high traffic areas or to stop hockey pucks. No priming is required. We suggest choosing white and a minimum 1/2 inch thickness.

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Blackout Cloth - 3 pass foam, sometimes called blackout cloth, is an excellent fabric substrate for a front projection Goo application. No priming or special preparation is required before "Goo'ing". This material can be used with a stretcher frame to make a lightweight, portable Goo Screen. It is sold by the yard and available in widths up to 110". Rolled Screen Goo applications are not recommended for blackout cloth. Spraying will give optimal results with this substrate.